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We provided free downloadable audio Bible stories, pictures, and craft printouts. for Uganda, Columbia, Phillipines, Ghana, Jamaica, Indiia, Malaysia, Peru, Bahamas, Czech Republic, Malta and other countries. Email us for the information on how to download. Give us your full name, city, and country if possible and tell us how you plan to use the materials. 


BibleVoyage makes profound Biblical concepts understandable to children and even for adults! 




Spend quality time with your children by doing BibleVoyage crafts!


The Ideal Sunday school activites for your Church



BibleVoyage gives children God's thoughts, for as a child thinks so is he.



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Provides Audio Bible stories, dramatized with voice, music, and sound effects!

Demonstrates God's love through stories and crafts!

Makes teaching easy for the teacher and makes learning fun for children!

Trumperu 2

Trumperu trumpets the truth found in Bibleland

Makes the Bible come alive with easy to understand life applications!

Written for children, but profitable for adults too!

Prepares children to make a difference in society for God!

__________________                                 OUR MISSION: CHILDREN ---                -------------------------       -
  • Who are excited about God, the Church, and having Christian friends.
  • Who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live out His will.
  • Who view the Bible as a living, breathing, relevant reference manual that shows them what life is about
  "Bible Voyage is easy to teach and easy for children to follow." 
Glynda Durk, Junior Church Director 

                                                                                               OUR CONVICTION -------                                                 ----                          
We believe that the Bible is our guide and source of authority for leading a meaningful life on Earth and for entering Heaven. We also consider the Bible to be the foundation of faith and truth in our lives. For these reasons BibleVoyage is designed to instill the Bible into young minds. Therefore, we consider our materials invaluable as a Children's Church curriculum, a Sunday school curriculum, or for Christian home schooling.

Our kids Bible lessons foster in your children the skills necessary to know how to apply the stories of the Bible to their everyday lives. Our Children Bible activities/Sunday activities help children develop the tools necessary to to lead a meaningful, successful life. We believe God calls to help prepare our children for their earthly and eterenal being.
"An integral part of any Bible study program for children!"
Iva Welton, Sunday school teacher, youth leader 

  ---------------- ----         OUR GOAL THROUGH THE BIBLE--------------------      -- 
  • Audio Bible stories that dramatize the narratives of the Bible with real life sounds and with dramatized life applications.
  • Children Bible lessons that give a comprehensive view of the content within the Bible. This includes 144 lessons, covering every book in the Bible. This sets us apart from other sites, which only focus on the well known stories.
  • Children Bible stories that relate parts of the Bible to its central message of justification and sanctification.
  • Captivating our young audiences with interactive DVDs and kids Bible crafts.


We each insert a paper astronaut into the model spacecraft to help us imagine getting into a real spacecraft. The CD begins playing and the captain announces the voyage. We do the countdown with the launch controller. Blastoff! We liftoff and roar through space, back in time, to Bibleland.
We deplane and Trumperu guides us through the lives of Biblical characters and trumpets the truth that their lives portray. Then we reboard our spacecraft and fly back to our world to witness a contemporary story. The story applies the lesson of the Bible story we just heard to modern-day children's life experiences. While we listen to the stories we draw what the stories picture in our minds on paper. This is really fun and helps us remember the stories.
After this, we do a craft that illustrates our lesson and play interactive DVDs. When we click the animals in these DVDs, they leap forward from their habitat to offer messages that reinforce our Bible lessons. It is so much fun to watch the animals speak and make  facial expressions.
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Return/refund policy